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Which is here, btw, is the reason why I'm still up at 4:30 in the morning on a Sunday. Go take a gander, if you'd like it.
Len and Ruby were here earlier and we had a grand old time watching part of L'arc's Trans Asia via Paris tour concert. We watched the first episode of Toshokan Sensou, I let them watch the Theatrical Trailer of Clover (alskdjfa;lsd CLAMP please finish the manga already ;___;), fed them the pasta I made (which they liked, yay!) and got them to drink a bottle each of the Caramel Vodka Mudshake. Yay! XD A generally fun time was had by all~
Lists. My life in 2011 is going to be ruled by lists, I tell ya. A list of things to buy at the grocery, the list of things to do around the house, the list of bills to be paid, list of bills that are already paid... I reckon I'll have more of that in the coming weeks. A... list of lists XD At least I'll have a lot of notebooks to write it down on.

[ The Fall is showing on Star Movies. I loooove this movie, Tarsem has concocted the most gorgeous images and locations in this movie, and Lee Pace is just so gorgeous here~ ]

(for wordpress users, does it have a cross-posting option for lj? i haven't explored wp much yet)
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