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... ah yes, I was fresh out of my last job. Well, nothing much has changed since then, except for a few commitments I've set myself to doing.

Last June 3 I typed up a note and made it into a Facebook note.

"Some 21 hours ago I posted "Time to get serious with the writing thing" on my Facebook status wall. I've bounced this idea inside my head for a long time now, and since I keep mouthing off to friends who would listen that I would like to write something for... anyone, or myself, here it is.

I'll write.

So if I am going to take this writing thing seriously, where do I start? It's easy to say "keep writing", but... truly, where do I start? I've listened to Stephen King's "On Writing", and I'm definitely going to re-read Strunk and White's "Elements of Style" (not that I've really finished it, mind), but... yeah, what is "the trick", if these is any?

Just keep writing everyday? Be confident in my abilities? Trust myself?

I guess I'll figure it out as I go along.


As caused by another session of my mother tearfully rendering my many faults over the phone (mea maxima culpa), I'll make this commitment: to lose at least 100 pounds by December, just in time for Dennis and Dette's wedding. Doing this half because of my vanity, half for health reasons. But really, I just want to look good beside my sister in the photos.

The aim is to lose 3 pounds per week. 12 pounds per month. 84 pounds by the time December ends. I weigh 220 pounds now, so the target weight is 136 pounds. And if I continue with it, perhaps hit 112 by the time my aunt celebrates her 70th birthday in February of next year.

I'm aware that there is this ideal weight or body mass index number for a girl of my height, but I am actively not going to look for it. I'm just going to forge ahead with what I've committed myself to.

I might change the target weight goal, though, after I've talked to a few people (gym trainer, nutritionist cousin) but I'll be stubbornly clinging to that number.

So I'm saying goodbye to extra rice, too much salt and fried stuff for the meantime and hello to wheat bread, vitamin pills and water. Lots of it.

I've gotten a lot of lovely and encouraging replies from friends on that entry. So, a month after that declaration, I'm still struggling a bit with going to the gym, swimming and running.


This is me saying "Hello, I'm back in livejournal, please be patient with me and I'll read though all your old entries, flist. Hope you still remember me ^^"
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