Dec. 31st, 2009 02:18 am
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3 months. I haven't been here for well over 3 months.


Cousin's staying here for the night to work her masteral thesis (due on January 7, she's halfway through with it). Trying to work on one's thesis the night before New Year's Eve and their apartment blessing wasn't working, obviously. So she called the cousin who had nothing to do and a whole lot of space to do nothing in.

I've noticed that our house attracts runaways/stragglers/escapists in one form or another. I've had 2 friends stay here for an extended period of time because they've fled their homes, and several groups of college friends stay here for 3 days instead of 1. Something about the house that makes them... relaxed, or detached from everything.

Hello lovelies.


The past few months have been... surreal-ly chaotic. With good bits interspersed sparingly. If you've been following my )Twitter and Plurk accounts (go follow now ^^) you'd have some idea of what went down with me. But it's just basically this: Work happened to me, and it kicked my ass. It's been a year and 6 months already, and I'm still adjusting to it.

Let's see what will happen when April comes around. 2 years. Then... we'll see.


My mother's belated birthday/early christmas present to me was a Canon 450D. I now have no excuse whatsoever to not pursue all the photography challenges I've been eyeing. Expect a lot of photos in future entries.


So, that's cameras, calligraphy (practice, practice, practice), manga & anime (which I'm getting back into), comics, Tumblr, writing (or earnestly starting on writing anyway)...

What else do I need to do to get my life back on track started again?


It is 2:05a.m here, December 31, 2009; 2 hours into the final day of this year.

2009 was a bitch of a year. I'm glad to see it ending. Looking forward to 2010 a whole lot ^^
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... work and a lack of lj updates is driving me crazy 0_o

Gender Identity / Sexuality in RP meme from A.R. )

... not much in the way of answers, I'm afraid. But ahahaha, missing Poly all over again ^^ MARIANNE I MISS YOUR LUCIFER o/ (along with Brad's Harry, A.R.'s Evey, Ruxi's BEST ROSIEL EVAR, Mary's Faye, THE WHOLE SANDMAN CREW, etc, etc, etc.) And this has also reminded me that I'm such a bad rp-er these past few months. Well, other than work eating me alive and such, but in the sense that it has been a long time since I have finished a thread. orz.

Iiiiiin other news, my sister gave me a Vivitar ultra wide & slim camera, along with 4 color and 2 black & white film rolls last Christmas ♥ Already took some shots of our photoshoot in Malacañan Palace earlier. I'm going to spend the rest during my godson Wolf's first birthday party this Saturday :3 I can't wait~

... right. Tired as heck. Will sleep and wake up early and finish early too.


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