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Just for now.
Elementary, but it bears repeating.

You can only be yourself. So go ahead and determine who you are and what you like. Not find, determine. Because it is most likely that you already have some ideas on what makes you tick, but you need definitions.

2011 is looking to be a momentous year for you. So go do it!

It's 3 hours and 30 minutes into the last day of 2010 here. I'm still up (of course), making a new book blog ( and agonizing over my mother's 5-minute powerpoint presentation (which I haven't even started on yet).

I'm spending New Year's Eve solo at home, which is glorious. My cousin, her husband and their baby daughter will be spending it at their store (the only store who sells booze there, apparently) and the two other cousins (meh) will be spending it at their dad's. I've bought the food (cooking Tomato Basil Shrimp Pasta), the booze (two bottles of Asti Martini with 3 bottles of Vodka Caramel Mudshake left over), and the munchies for a sort of movie marathon.

The sister came home for Christmas and promptly fell ill right after grocery shopping for our Noche Buena. Which prompted me and our house help to rustle up the grub for the feast. For a first-timer at serious kitchen cooking (though the dishes itself weren't that complicated to begin with; turbo broiled chicken, cous cous, lamb chops, waldorf salad, no-bake cheesecake), it was challenging, but worth it. I'm cooking more this 2011. It was unfortunate the sister wasn't able to eat Christmas dinner with us.

The company's Christmas "party" (and I use the term very loosely) was... well, happened. Our department's Christmas party was... well, I'd tell you, but my brain was somewhere else. A bit... literally. And that's all I'll tell you guys haha

And I've submitted my resignation, last work day being January 07, 2011.

It's going to be a very new year. I've a list of resolutions (things that, for the first time, i'm actually confident of getting some done!), things are looking shiny, and I'm optimistic! For once! :3

How are you guys?


Apr. 14th, 2008 09:47 pm
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(For the past 2 days a strange gurgling sound has been coming from the bathroom every now and then. Is someone trying to surface in there? 0__o)

Oh, meme!

YOU // list your current 'muses' by their usernames.
F-LIST // comment with your favourite and least favourite, be it for characterisation, interactions, username, userpics - anything. Then give one reason why for each choice (most and least favs).

Loosh [ profile] 1stlibrarian
Lainey [ profile] elainebelloc
Suu [ profile] adelicateclover

I *might* start work on Wednesday. Or Thursday, depending on when the results of the medical exam will reach my employers. What the heck, I basically agreed to go to work the day after they receive the results. Eager, yus? Don't know if I can access the 'net over there, but even if, I think they'll be a bit stricter on access. More ninja-ing skills for continued Poly enjoyment needed, yus~ Big-time publishing company = workworkwork.

My position is Ad Writer. I shall be going in there half-blind. I hope things go well. I want them to go well. All those shiny Apple computers around me :3

AR! A Jareth and Sarah FST!


And I am happy. I finished, I actually finished reading a book! See the tears of joy running down my cheeks! xD (Only because I haven't finished reading a book in a very long time. This is a small victory for meeee ^^)

I read books. And comics. Really! )

Next on the reading list: The Dresden Files books!

I worried my head yesterday over something that was nonexistent, wtf. That's why I'm pretty much bouncy tonight, aheh ^___^


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