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What I'm listening to right now. Let me share what I've put on repeat 981273491827 times already ^^

* Time to get back up again and start waaaay back, square one. Walked/jogged for an hour and thirty minutes earlier and my legs hurt like a bitch, but ahah my fault for stopping for nearly a month, tch. It's going to be... hard starting over, but oh well. Even my weight is right back where I started a month ago, haha XD.

* I... better get in 3 posts for Chrome starting next week. My rp mojo is in a rut, maybe my fabulous KHR in poly can help with that ^^ And man, my sins against [ profile] lanoyee keep on piling .__.

* Why I keep on re-watching Dr. Who, I have no idea, but it keeps me occupied when waiting for downloads to finish and all that. Currently on the "Gridlock" episode, and can I just say that I'm really starting to appreciate Donna Noble (this after watching "Runaway Bride"). Rose Tyler will always have a special place in my heart since she's my first companion, but if I'm going to pick a space-traveling companion, Donna Noble is it! (River Song second).

* I swear I'll start re-watching Ano Hana, Ao no Exorcist and Tiger and Bunny >_<

* Manga-wise: Fairy Tail and HanaKimi (triggered by watching the new HanaKimi live action which... idk, I've yet to download subs for it, but so far I really like the original better :/
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*Looks longingly at the 4th wall day shenanigans over at [ profile] polychromatic

*Looks at workload for the rest of the day*

*sighs, and closes the polychromatic tab*

... back to work .___.
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You know, one of those big, city-wide plot ideas of doom! ^^ Well, let's see if it works first, then I can suggest it?

As ganked from The Neverending Story and Rayearth )

So, basically... )

Well, those are the things I've thought of so far. Reminder: Do not type out a plot proposition at 1:30am if you're dead tired ;__; Poly people, please critique? Suggest? Ask? Is it plausible? More importantly, has it been done before already? Comment!


Nov. 10th, 2007 10:03 pm
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Massive friending meme over at [ profile] polychromatic, and I've gone and gotten myself some new friends. Hi hi, welcome to this little part of the person who shares space inside her head with Loosh, Elaine, Suu and Makie. You guys are the reason why, for some time back then, my body clock was on PST, then switched to EST. It briefly attuned itself to GMT time, but now It's back in Philippine Standard Time But I miss those days xD As I'm typing this, it's 10:03 pm here, soooo...

PST: 07:03am, Saturday
EST: 10:03am, Saturday
GMT: 02:03pm, Saturday


I blog about... well, anything, really. Fangirling (Though it's been ages since I did that, but if you go back some entries, you could read about how I broke down in tears in front of Neil Gaiman. And got a hug (!!!) and got vaguely mentioned on radio and in his blog for that xD), real life (I... moan about life a lot ;__; ), etc, etc, etc.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Welcome, all ^^ *runningtackleglomphugs each and every one of you*


The first Write or Die session went well. Arrived there about 45 minutes before 2 to find Kristel and Dean already there (with some of the Litcritters). A flurry of setting up proceeded, with a bit of panic when we found out that there was no plug for the LCD projector 0__o. And no working microphone. A spare wire plug was found just in time but no dice on the microphone. It's a good thing Dean had a large, booming voice that could be easily heard without one, so it was all good. Was happy as punch to find out that some of the Philippine NaNoWriMo people were able to attend.

His talk went very nicely, with him talking about his own experience on writing his novel, and his writing in general. He also gave good tips to the audience about novel writing and, again, writing in general. The NaNoWriMo people said it was very informative and entertaining too. Dean's talk wasn't boring in any way, and he is a good and energetic speaker.

Took pictures with my cellphone camera ( can I has DSLR cameraz? ;__; ), will probably post them tomorrow , since I'm a bit dead on my feet right now (more accurately, dead on my butt ^^) and dearly hankering for some sleep.

[ profile] icarus_suraki, your bjd icons, they will come tomorrow-ish ^^


Is there a "You Know You're Addicted To An Online Role-Playing Game" list? Is there an entry that says "... when you want even your RL journal to have icons to match your every mood."? I think I'm going through that now... xDDD


suddenly... )


May. 5th, 2007 05:37 am
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[ profile] polychromatic farking swallowed my soul. I haven't checked this in 2 whole days XDDD


*Goes off to catch up on friends' entries*
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yay! got accepted as Lucien! now i'm aiming for Maj. Motoko Kusanagi from GitS:SAC (♥♥♥). then maaaaaaybe Mervyn Pumpkinhead, then Alia Atreides, then... then...


oh heck with it, i'm just eager to start posting.

and wouldn't you know it, the community is celebrating its' 1st birthday today.


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