innocentlyjaded: (you who know my deepest secrets)
My tarot cards feel lighter.

Granted, I don't take care of my cards, they're the Vertigo tarot cards, and they just stay on top of my table in their dark velvet pouch but other than that they're terribly exposed. It's been at least 2 months since I last used them but I did sleep with the deck under my pillow to get them recharged so to speak

The pack is complete, though. So... Or maybe it's just me. Hmm, Constantine, are you screwing with me?

Also taking this opportunity to ask those who are more knowledgeable for tarot card care tips. Google is helpful, direct comments are way nicer to me >3

...'sup, LJ? It's been ages. I'm 26 years old now. Had my birthday with my sister in Singapore last August 22. Pictures and proper narration (lol) are coming up. I'm just generally bad with keeping my life in check, so I forget.

I owe people comments. Those will come. Eventually. OTL


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