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My tarot cards feel lighter.

Granted, I don't take care of my cards, they're the Vertigo tarot cards, and they just stay on top of my table in their dark velvet pouch but other than that they're terribly exposed. It's been at least 2 months since I last used them but I did sleep with the deck under my pillow to get them recharged so to speak

The pack is complete, though. So... Or maybe it's just me. Hmm, Constantine, are you screwing with me?

Also taking this opportunity to ask those who are more knowledgeable for tarot card care tips. Google is helpful, direct comments are way nicer to me >3

...'sup, LJ? It's been ages. I'm 26 years old now. Had my birthday with my sister in Singapore last August 22. Pictures and proper narration (lol) are coming up. I'm just generally bad with keeping my life in check, so I forget.

I owe people comments. Those will come. Eventually. OTL
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Don't know if *anyone* has been looking for me or anything, but I apologize for, again, going under the radar for the past week or so. It's always like this, I let excessive worrying over stuff that hasn't come to pass yet, future things to do and responsibilities that I should be getting into work swallow me for days on end, then...

Mm. Yeah.

But seriously? It... irritates me to no end that I cannot follow Poly as actively as I did. Yes, yes, work, priorities, monies, etc, etc. But Fairy Godmother, I do not want to grow up.


The state of Karen's reading:

1. Charmed Life - about a fourth of the way into it. Cat = ♥
2. Shadow of the Moon, A Sea of Shadows (a Twelve Kingdoms novel) = Chapter 20

... um, that's it. I get easily distracted, and work is my life's biggest distraction right now. Ahahah, I have no system in life, plz to be giving me organizational skills, stat!


*HUGS* to everyone

in the flist!

EDIT: needs moar blink xD

I'm pretty much made of phail right now lj-wise, rp-wise, keeping-in-touch-wise and... everything else-wise, but I hope you guys are all doing well. I read your entries! Promise! At work! I just don't reply, but I think of you all! Constantly! Until work pushes you guys off my mind again, ugh.

And I haven't forgotten about this. I shall get started this weekend.

Wait... sleepover at a friends' house this weekend ;__; Aaaaaah screw that, I'll still do it!
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Is our computer showing it's age? It's just 4 years old. A Dell Dimension 8300 from the UK (my mom squeezed the monitor, CPU AND printer/scanner in her luggage and lugged it all the way from London). And it's display is fizzing out on me again. It's definitely not the monitor, so I guess it's time to really cart it off to the a shop. Any shop, really.

Woez. I'll be missing the gamut of replies in the ROD core ML ;____; (I wanna go to the Neil Gaiman thing!) If you're wondering, I'm using my sister's iBook.

So, yeah. No [ profile] polychromatic for me until the computer's fixed. I just hope the muses are still around when that happens... erk.


Hm. I've been writing in my journal again. Silly, everyday things. The things I used to write about, anyway, in my past 4 journals. Despite the currently messy handwriting and different ink colours used for every entry for the past 2 days, I'm feeling pretty content with myself at the moment. Which might explain why I'm updating my lj right now ^^


I volunteered to go out earlier and buy the ingredients for my sister's pasta recipe. Well, not my sister's, more of Giada de Laurentiis' concoction of fusilli with tuna, capers and tomato sauce (my sister and I are fans of some of the Food Network shows on the Lifestyle Network). It turned out pretty well, and she's going to go for the chicken fillets with tomato sauce, parmesan and mozarella next time. Hey, if it has tomato sauce and cheese in it, I'm all for it.


All I do is whine for the things I want, but heeeeeeey, get a job, me. never call centers ever again plz. but damn me for being picky when I'm the one without a damn degree. should be helping the parental units with the expenses now...


... Yeah. I need to go out more. DOES GYM RING A BELL, U HOR I haven't walked to anywhere for the longest time now (though I did walk from the Rustan's grocery back to our house after developing photos of the dog THE DOG IS REGISTERED, I WON'T BE GOING TO JAIL ANYMORE! XDDD), but... ah well, we'll see now, won't we? I remember jogging (not running) some laps on the track in our sports center under the rain. It was... the nicest feeling. I think I also walked all the way home after that.


asking for a laptop is goddamned selfish because we're in a pretty tight pinch right now. asking for anything, really, is pretty goddamned selfish right now.


stfu, me.


The quest to adjust my horribly misaligned body clock in regards to sleeping hours is continuing to fail.


Getting myself re-acquainted with 24/7 cable television with our new 32' Philips flatscreen tv. I don't exactly know if it's a good thing, but getting to watch CNN, BBC, Discovery, National Geographic, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and (sometimes) Animax again is good. For now. Yes, I know, I should be reading!!!




xD ahah. fuck. save me from myself! xDDDD


Jan. 13th, 2006 02:36 am
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-Hi to [ profile] chibi_boom and [ profile] kugatsu_shichi, new lj contacts from the Filcosplay board.

-Your Bleach cds, [ profile] twoeyesleft are here and done. Again, just tell me when you want to meet. Next week's a good week.

-[ profile] traffic_likeme, and [ profile] queen_akasha72, the domain's been paid and secure. And I've cleared all my clutter there. Let's start!

-[ profile] sakura_ken, sorry for not replying to your text. Lagi lang naman akong nasa bahay e ^_^ Basta tawag ka lang bago ka pumunta, ne?

-Jhamie! Gusto kong sumama sa Sunday! Kaso wala akong pera. Libre, libre, libre!!! ^_^


My life is now defined by my Internet connection and my Bittorrent downloads. Recent ones are the raw and subbed versions of Bleach 63 (a 1-hour special), the whole Bleach Rock Musical (Kaichou, I'll have to use the mp3 player to give you a copy, it's a 913MB file), and Legend of the Blue Wolves. Currently downloading Spirited Away (tri-audio ogm) and Ai no Kusabi.

I owe Kaichou and Akira-kun Blood+, ParaKiss and Jigoku Shoujo eps. Lem and Ghambz Bleach eps.

I need to buy more blank cds. Or buy another HD altogether.


While I was watching Legend of the Blue Wolves I was filled with the inexplicable need to smoke a cigarette. I have no idea why.


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