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Happy birthday to [ profile] allslashedout & [ profile] navi_per_mari~ ♥

Faaaaaaye, MM & I brought you a present! It's with her, I hope you get it soon :3
Varaliiiiii,... hmm, I'll have to think of a present for you! ^^


Woke up very early for nothing earlier. Was v. irritated for the rest of the day. Ergh. I'll sleep this off later.


Apr. 12th, 2009 01:22 am
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I love my new default icon. Audrey Kawasaki's girls all might look the same, but... I like all of their haunted looks that way. Along with the sensual way that they look, peering out of their half-lidded eyes.

[ To know the difference between a geiko and an oiran, look at their hair ornaments. A geiko or even a maiko will have fewer hair ornaments than an oiran will. Also, an oiran will have her obi tied in front as opposed to its usual position at the back. I'm... still a bit vague on the differences between oiran and geiko, but Wiki tells me that the oiran predated the geiko. More readings are needed. ]

... more icons too xP


Note to self: do not forget to check her blog often for updates. I love the way she writes.


1:37a.m. Have to wake up at 9a.m. Have to meet MM in Makati at 1p.m. Have to snap to fixing my sleep schedule once and for all to make it in time for work. Everyday. At 8a.m.

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... work related. Again.

I think this was supposed to be written with more... venom in it? )

But a fine, shining point of light in an otherwise dreary day: [ profile] ruxi's card came! yes, very late for Christmas, but who cares?! I love the card, and thank you, thank you for the message~ ♥

And a grave omission, because [ profile] myxginxblossoms also sent me a letter along with a mix(tape) cd of her "at-the-moment" songs. It has saved me from many a dreary Saturday in the office. A (criminally) belated thank you, AR~ ♥


Mar. 21st, 2007 02:34 am
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- PotC3: World's End trailer is up on Yahoo. Why do I have this awful feeling that this particular movie will fail? I hope I'll be proven wrong, but Barbossa's speech in the trailer didn't strike me well at all. Looking forward to the Keith Richards cameo.

- Like father, like son. I should have farking known that Joe Hill was Stephen King's son!. Neil mentioned about him and his book Heart-Shaped Box in an entry (which I could not find. grr). Moseyed over to the CNN website (our tv finally gave up the ghost 2 weeks ago) and saw the article. Still am kicking myself for failing to realize the connection. Will now definitely buy the book, because yeah the King family name helps, but it is a very interesting read.

- Finally saw "300". Haa-hoo, haa-hoo.

- Oh, quit from the job.

This should come as no surprise )

My life is nuts. Sorry people.

growing up

Mar. 12th, 2007 01:56 am
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thanks to everyone who replied on that last entry. yes, [ profile] ksolaris, i shall remember to make the mute button a must XD. Sutherland is located in the Export Bank building, Chino Roces corner Gil Puyat Avenue.

i'm scaring myself to death even before i get on the floor. how's that for motivation? gaaargh. sorry, i don't seem to have the capacity for self-assurance. i know i can ace this, but most of the time worry demons poke me hard.

everyone i know has watched "300". all except me T___T. woe.

soon, soon...
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but who really knows?

all i know is the the voices in my head are screaming at me again. and the silence in the room in screaming back.

i need music on the move. i need to take photos again. i need, i need, i need...


On my second week of foundation training. Product training is next week. Well, providing that they won't text me to say that I won't need to attend product training because I didn't pass foundation training.

I'm not saying that I'll fail on Friday. I'll give it my damndest good try. I rather like my batchmates (almost all of them veterans already from other call centers) and the account. It's just the calls that are making me nervous. I know, I know. We haven't been given the account specifics yet. And we're just in the training phase. I just hope these fears vanish soon.


What's getting me through all this? Shiina Ringo, Olivia, DAI and Tori Amos songs and lyrics ringing inside my head. I NEED AN MP3 PLAYER T___T AND CAMERA...


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