Feb. 5th, 2009

innocentlyjaded: (an artistic mess)
... work and a lack of lj updates is driving me crazy 0_o

Gender Identity / Sexuality in RP meme from A.R. )

... not much in the way of answers, I'm afraid. But ahahaha, missing Poly all over again ^^ MARIANNE I MISS YOUR LUCIFER o/ (along with Brad's Harry, A.R.'s Evey, Ruxi's BEST ROSIEL EVAR, Mary's Faye, THE WHOLE SANDMAN CREW, etc, etc, etc.) And this has also reminded me that I'm such a bad rp-er these past few months. Well, other than work eating me alive and such, but in the sense that it has been a long time since I have finished a thread. orz.

Iiiiiin other news, my sister gave me a Vivitar ultra wide & slim camera, along with 4 color and 2 black & white film rolls last Christmas ♥ Already took some shots of our photoshoot in Malacañan Palace earlier. I'm going to spend the rest during my godson Wolf's first birthday party this Saturday :3 I can't wait~

... right. Tired as heck. Will sleep and wake up early and finish early too.


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