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My college barkada taught me the art of patiently digging through the bookpiles in Booksale and Books for Less to find good books, odd books and the books that I want at prices that were way, waaay cheaper than the brand-new ones. Sure, the books are yellowing, have a few pages creased and/or loose from their binding, but as long as they're still readable, I'm all for it.

I've lost count of how much of my current books are all from Booksale, but my last (... way back in September, unfortunately) acquisitions were The Chronicles of Chrestomanci vol. 1 & Watership Down.

It was really lame of me, but I just recently discovered that is also selling second-hand books online (aside from their Moleskines~ ♥). And after clicking on Pao's plurk about the books he wanted from the site, I immediately followed...

... and quickly had 7 books on my wishlist >_< a;lsdfjasd Diane Ackerman, I can now read your A Natural History of Love *___*

So I've just signed up for an account there, and whaddaya know, Jasper is holding a contest. Winner gets to have a hardbound, signed copy of Neil Gaiman's (and Michael Reaves too, oops) Interworld. All one has to do is comment on that entry with your favorite Neil Gaiman quote. Plus point if you pimp the contest on your blog and link it back to the blog/contest entry.

So, so, so. Here's my post (XD). My quote is, of course, from Sandman. I had a lot of nice quotes there (... currently looking for the journal where I wrote them all down in, orz) but there is always one quote that sticks.

Omnia mutantur, nihil interit. Everything changes, but nothing is truly lost.

(... probably in vain, but I'm still going to order a 3-piece set of squared, pocket cahier journals so it's still all good XD)



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