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Happy Birthday [ profile] caduceum~

Went to their place earlier to eat delicious, falling-off-the-bones ribs, baked macaroni, potato salad, and that Red Ribbon Smores cake :3 Going to their house always assures me of a good time and great eats. Got to see [ profile] traffic_likeme there too, and we had fun playing games on his Wii (Super Mario Galaxy so cuuute :3) and watching Little Britain.

B-but I frigging lost one of the rose earrings that [ profile] lethologica gave me for my birthday. My favorite pair of earrings is not a pair anymore ;_____; Aaaaargh. I... can't understand how it could have... slipped off.

... brb. Hating myself right now.

... And waiting for [ profile] anothermiyaw to post her magazine scans :3


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