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- an ice-cold bottle of Mine Shine Milk Tea ♥ I was sad that they stopped selling this at 7-11 stores for a while, but now it's back and I'm a happy camper ^^

- your third shower for the day. Argh, this heat ;__;

Right. Some overdue memes

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1) Write your username.
2) Write the name of two of your favorite bands/artists.
3) Write "I ♥ ______". (This is to see how you write hearts.)
4) Write the name of your all-time favorite person.
5) Write the name of a recently favored person.
6) Tag six people to do this.

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... the simple things that, sometimes, makes it all easier to swallow.

hot milk tea is ♥

now, after i drink my hot milk tea (♥), i'm going to lie back and sleep for the next 12 hours.

because i'm that sleep-deprived ^___^


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